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Logistic Division |
Value-added services :

Logistics Atco company ATCO Logistics also provides a comprehensive range of value-added services. This includes re-packaging, bar-coding, labeling/tagging, pre-tailing, home delivery and assembly services, offering clients a total one-stop logistics service.
• Accurate "Just In Time" Logistics services from/to the worldwide destinations, planning, handling and mastering the shipment
• Inter-modal connections
• Inventory management and fulfillment
• Cost-avoidance and cost-reduction techniques
• Stock rotation
• Purchase order and parts tracking
• Customized reporting for your different departments
• Information Management System & Logistics

Warehousing and Distribution:

Logistics  Atco company By offering a full range of supply chain management solutions. Our capabilities extend beyond freight management and customs brokerage, covering warehouse management, inventory management, domestic/international distribution and other valued-added services such as packing, labeling, re-packing, transport management, supplier management, PO Management and customer support.

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