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ATCO-Farms Division :

ATCO-Farms Division ATCO Farm own private sectors of farms, concerning on food industry , by providing high quality products of fruits and vegetables through its farms in New Salhia City , with more than 32 years experience in this field , Whereby ATCO committed to provide superior products to Egyptian market , also providing Middle East & North Africa by exporting the high quality Fruits & Vegetables using the highest techniques of packing and freezing technology ATCO Farms consider as the main producers and exporters of artichokes, cherry tomatoes, grapes, green beans, onions, oranges, peppers, pomegranates, spring onions and strawberries.

ATCO-Farms Division our products are GLOBALG.A.P (EUREPGAP) certified. ATCO Farms is one of the leading export Companies, where we are able to take serious steps towards proving its place in export's Global World, with precision and good work and meeting customers' needs in a short time, and it's name now became one of the famous name in a lot of Global market as" Greece, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Palestine, Romania, South Korea, Netherlands, Germany, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Cote d'ivoire and Cyprus………etc

ATCO-Farms Division